GTA V x Direct X 2.0 Modpack GTA SA ANDROID

Hello guys,Today im going to give you my one of the best modpack , GTA V x Direct X 2.0 modpack. is the updated version with new graphics. I can say this modpack is more stable than the previous one. the force close & black cleo issue has been resolved now & it works perfectly with or without skybox.

Do you love skybox , amazing clouds and wet road reflection? Then this modpack is for you!! You will get 4 times skybox ( Day, Night, Afternoon, Morning) . Different time has different skybox, as you can see in screenshot it looks much better with game environment. Clouds look perfectly with game custom timecyc and wet road reflection gives more look like Direct X 2.0 PC.

In this modpack you will get 60+ Cars & bikes. From sports cars to luxury sedans  , super bikes to touring bikes all are available in this modpack. Audi RS 7 2020, Camaro SS 2020, Corvette 2020, Lamborghini Huracan Evo & Many more cars are available in this modpack. bikes such as BMW S1000 RR 2020, Kawasaki Ninja 400, Ducati V4 ,Yamaha R3 are also available in this modpack.

Not only cars & bikes , in this modpack you will get brand new BSOR trees & remastered grove street . Entire vegetation such as trees, grass, bush has been replaced with new trees and road textures has been directly taken from S.A.U.R project.

•What's New?
* Direct X 2.0 Wet Roads
*60+ New Vehicles (Audi RS 7 2020,Henessy Venom F5, Camaro 2020 ,Mulssane 2020 ,etc)
*11 New Bikes ( BMW S1000 RR 2020, Ninja 400, etc)
*New Road Like GTA V
*New Clouds & Sky Like GTA V
*Female Player & Animations by Haxxy
*HD  Grass
*New Sounds for all cars & bikes
*New weapon sounds
*Brand New BSOR+ Insanity Trees 2020
*Grove Street Insanity
*HD Vegetation( New Trees)
*HD Overdose Effects
*Real shadows
*Working headlights and Taillights
*Support All Devices
*Fix Crash & Fix Cleo
*Fix Slow loading of textures
*Support Android 8,9 & 10 & All devices.


Download Link Is Coming in 17 seconds.

Credits :-
Riyan Artz For Cleo Cloud
Bisma Chandra For Wet Roads
Meharaj 7  for Gta v roads Roads
Haxxy for ped ifp
Skins:- Misaki Yutsuki and Miyata Yutsuki
Grass Mapping By M Akmarullah