SAAExten 4.0 -Skybox For All Devices | Work in Oreo, Nougat | Support GTA SA lite & Original

      Hey guys today I'm going to give you the SAAExten 4.0 for GTA SA Android .specially for Android Oreo and Nougat. since other SAAExten give crashes and doesn't work on Android 7.0 or above devices, i made this. It's the combination of 2 SAAextens. Now you can enjoy skybox, high quality reflections, backfires, turn inductors and much more in your GTA SA.

   Basically, SAAExten is a cleo script which changes the entire graphics of GTA SA including high quality reflection and more detailed shadows too. You can also use headlights, taillights,turn indicators, engine on- off  ,etc in this script. detailed features of SAAexten are listed below .watch the full video on my YouTube for better preview and installation.

Features :
1) Support 4 times skybox ( day, night ,morning & afternoon)
2) Working indicators in all vehicles.
3) High quality realistic reflections
4) Car Backfire
5) Advance Shadows
6) Moving Skybox  Like real life
7) Engine On/Off Function
8) Change Camera Height Function
9) Volumetric Clouds
10) Bright & Real colors
11) Realistic Environment
12) Water Splashes & Raindrop Effects
13) Road Reflections
14 ) New Headlights & Taillights Reflections & More!


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